Our Warehouse is located in 67688 Rodenbach, near Ramstein-Kaiserslautern at Hotel Garni.


zoomOnly 8 minutes from Ramstein Air Base. - You reach the hotel using traffic-circle next to autobahn exit 14 Einsiedlerhof - coming from:

Ramstein-AB East Gate: 3rd exit in circle autobahn A6 Mannheim:

1st exit in circle autobahn A6 Saarbrücken:

2nd exit in circle routing north, passing through Ammunition-Depot (fence on both sides of street) come to Rodenbach.



Zofia’s Polish Pottery   -   Friedhofstr. 77   -     D- 67688 Rodenbach  -  Phone +49 (0) 6374 / 80 23 34